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MasterWorks understands the critical importance of a comprehensive effort in placing REO properties in marketable condition efficiently and cost effectively. MasterWorks has developed a team of professionals that bring a unique cradle to grave solution approach to serving REO properties. Having a complete team for the entire process enables us to maximize efficiency of service, minimize administrative costs and eliminate costly duplication of work. We have a fixed price solution for a "cradle to grave" concept that allows you to project costs more efficiently over the lifecycle of an REO property. MasterWorks Clients will benefit from this pricing model including, but not limited to:

  • A fixed fee approach to develop and manage the initial and ongoing maintenance costs.
  • We have separate divisions within the company to bring you the efficiency of having an “in-house” solution that dramatically decrease the internal labor costs necessary to order, review and approve bids, and processing invoices which include:
    • Licensed Real Estate Broker
    • Real Estate Attorney for all legal aspects.
    • Inspectors to assess the property.
    • Estimators to effectively manage the cost of the project.
    • Carpenters that are skilled in all areas of construction to enable them to be able to perform all of the different tasks associated with the project.
    • Project managers assigned to manage the properties.
    • Interior Designers to enable all of our finish selections to be made professionally.
    • Architectural Designers to enable us to be able to produce and engineer any drawings that could be required.
    • Cleaning crew to quickly clean up property.
  • Established relationships with investors actively seeking properties.
  • Centralization of responsibility for all property services greatly reducing the cost to the client to manage the property.

Single point accountability with a proven company that has been in business for 26 years.

Once we actively market and manage the property we maintain it proactively with "curb appeal" in mind, the likelihood of a buyer making a purchase offer is greatly enhanced - reducing the time the property is on the market. The property holder is able to recover the highest achievable value and quickest disposition. Achieving these goals of maximizing marketable condition requires diligent maintenance and protection.