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Title Searches
"Meeting Your Need To Know": MasterWorks expeditiously provides comprehensive present owner searches listing present vesting of title, complete legal description, all open mortgages and liens of record, and complete property tax information. In addition, we provide UCC searches, copies of deeds comprising the chain of ownership, and full marketable title searches upon which MasterWorks can procure for you a Mortgagee's Policy of Title Insurance. All these reports are provided in our easy to read format.

Document Research and Retrieval
"Getting The Document You Need": Whether for your Document Recovery and Control Department, Acquisitions or Payoff Departments, MasterWorks will research and retrieve either a plain or county certified copy of your recorded mortgage, deed of trust, or assignment. Our nationwide network of on-site abstractors provides MasterWorks with the means to meet the high volume needs of our clients thoroughly and efficiently.

Original/Endorsed Copies of Title Policies
"Filling The Missing Piece In Your Servicing File": The required Mortgagee's Policy of Title Insurance which was ordered and paid for at closing never made it to your servicing file. MasterWorks has a team of full time employees aggressively contacting and following up with title agencies to retrieve duplicate policies. Our team is supported in this arduous task by our extensive database of closing attorneys and title agencies across the country. In the event there are issues which have delayed the policy, our experienced title experts on staff can assist you in addressing those issues. Our clients have been very pleased with the results of these projects.

Document Recording
"Ending The Hassle": Tired and frustrated by the varying recording requirements of the different counties in our service area and the documents rejected by those county recorders, our clients have turned to MasterWorks for the recording of their assignments, modifications, and other real estate documents. Being up to date on all of the latest county requirements, we offer our clients the flexibility of choosing from our two track recording program. After receipt and abstracting of the document, we will send the document directly to the county by overnight carrier and track its return according to the county's published return date. For time sensitive recordings or when a county certified copy of the recording is desired, MasterWorks offers & "walk through" recordings nationwide and a timetable for when you can expect to receive your certified copy. For your special projects, MasterWorks will set up a recording program specifically to meet your project needs.

Document Preparation
"Fast Tracking Your Documents": Assignments conforming to all jurisdictions, Loss Mitigation Loan Modification Agreements, Partial Claim Notes and Subordinate Mortgages, Releases and Reconveyances, Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure Packages, Subordination Agreements, Affidavits, and required ancillary documents are prepared and transmitted to you accurately and quickly. The outsourcing decision ends your frustration over keeping track of the many forms required for your post-closing transaction and preparing documents in county recordable form.